Sometime when i look back in the past, there comes a dream to open up a company which could do all the web related stuffs. With the know fact, that Internet is going to be a big boom for the entire world and the usage of internet and mobile are increasing day by day, thus the idea of CINR was formed.

Starting from an Inspiring thoughts about Life and Dreams from Angel Jain, whom i appreciated always and would continue to do so always in Future as well. Thus, a good kick start was made for CINR and hence we started off with our journey.

What is CINR and What do we Do?

Many a time, people fail to realize their dreams for life and Journey towards what want to do. This is the usual thing which happens to everyone of us at some point of time in our life, But what makes we and CINR unique is that we realized our dreams quickly and turned to work on it right from our immature age.

At CINR, we expertise in the following services

Web Designing

–> Logo Design

–> Flash Design

–> Banner Design

–> Catelog & Brochure Design

Web Development

–> HTML5 & CSS3 Development

–> PHP Development

–> ASP.NET Development

–> E-Commerce Solutions

–> Content Management System (CMS)

–> Video Development

Mobile Apps Development

–> Android Apps Development

–> iOS (iPhone & iPad) Apps Development

–> Blackberry Apps Development

–> Symbian Apps Development

–> Content Writing

Web Hosting

–> Special Web Hosting

–> Linux Web Hosting

–> Windows Web Hosting

Web Marketing

–> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

–> Social Media Marketing (SMM)

–> Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Web Maintenance

–> Blog Maintenance

–> Website Maintenance

We continue to cherish and work passionately for all of our clients by building their imaginations live into reality. 🙂

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