Blog Maintenance Service

Our Professional deals with blog maintenance for various platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Movable and Blogspot. However maintenance of these blogs takes some more advanced level since it goes beyond just editing the content. Blog Maintenance deals with lot of issues and factors affecting blog.

For Instance, If you have a blog with TrackBack links enabled then our service will ensure that we will periodically check and scan your blog completely in order to find out any of the possible 404 Error page (A Page with No existence on the server). Also we use some of the advanced tools and services which enable us to check out the complete Dead links of a particular blog, be it on any platform.

What We think about Blog Maintenance?

U nlike Blogspot, blogs hosted on own services on various platforms like WordPress and Blogger needs continuous and periodic update and maintenance. Since failing this would lead to disaster of blog in terms of visitor’s dropdown, server crash due to older version of plugins, and Downtime.

Why Choose Us?

  • Activity LogOpen or Close

    Upon reviewing and working on blog maintenance, we usually maintain a strict activity log of visitors falling within a particular period of time.

  • Trash Unused StuffsOpen or Close

    We always believe in keeping the files that are required to run a blog, leaving out to trash all the stuffs related to unused plugins, unused codes, unused scripts.

  • Latest UpdatesOpen or Close

    Once we complete the above two steps, the next would be to configure the latest version of your blog platform, so that all the bugs and errors can be rectified on our part as well.

  • Enhance BlogOpen or Close

    We not only provide services related to managing and editing blog content, but our services are extended to even custom design as well where we rectify blog themes according to our client needs.