Designing is a great field to startup career and Logo designing is something which not everyone can do professionally. It’s Just another type of designing which need bulk amount of concentration. Even a simple idea can be ruined, if not utilized and optimized properly. Today we are going to share some of the best Tips for making your logo to be recognized as brand.

10 Best Tips that Makes Your Logo as BRAND

1. Working with vectors

This is probably one of the thing which most designers are lacking out. We repeat Vector formats are the best to choose for logo designing, since it allows more variations for your logo, unlike the simple JPEG or PNG logos.

2. Use less than 3 Fonts

Of course, we know the fact that there are lots of variations of fonts available in the market which are best suited for the logo. But unfortunately most designers fail to keep in mind a simple concept of logo design that using too many fonts can actually result in a loss of coherence. For this, CINR Solutions always use 2 fonts that creates a good contrast and eye catching branding.

3. Easy to Read

A Logo should always be designed in such a manner that it attracts your eye and it’s easy to read. It would be completely useless if someone can’t read your logo itself. Although it’s sounds like a Dumb advice, but most of the designers neglect this point. So, always stay alert and think from view point of others while designing logo.

4. Test sizes

Now this is where every designers, whether starters or experts needs to work around. You logo should be capable of resizing to any size possible, whether it’s huge on a truck or tiny on a badge.

5. Adapt it for Dark Backgrounds

Once your logo is ready and got a wonderful dark looking shades. Sometime, your client may ask you to get it on his black car. While it’s not too hard to adapt for it, but anyone would be looking forward to do it more professionally, if you got our point in this case.

6. Make sure it works well in Black and White

At CINR, we work with a simple concept and technique while designing logo. We always starts our work with Black and White before adding any such add-on colors. This way, we make the choice regarding their shapes, size, etc. With this, it’s more easy to know which way your logo will works great, in shades or as simple.

7. Avoid photos in your logo

Well, we would relate this tip along with the Number 1 Point with Vectors. Mark our words, Photos are not Vectors, they don’t scale, they have no branding value, they have no future, they always go trendy, and finally they are hard to adopt for kind of use.

8. Look at it upside-down

This is another recommended tip, which i got from my logo designer team wherein they always look at the logo on various printed design and matches it. You need to get the meaning out from it, if you are able to do so, you are going in the right direction, if not then you need to work a bit more.

9. Stop follow trends

Now, this is another important point to note down. Most designers today develop logo based on trend. We believe it’s good to go out with the trend, but while making logo, always make sure that the logo is representing a brand and is going to be for long terms, so try avoiding the trend of web 1.0 swoosh or maybe the web 2.0 reflection.

10. Get Specific Feedback

If you are not sure what information you need to get onto logo, then asking from people’s feedback is simple waste of time and worthless. Always encourage asking simple and specific questions like “Does this logo matches your branding?”, “Does this logo easy to express your business?” and so on.

So there we come to an end of our great resource on Logo designing. Hope you enjoyed our tips. Stay tune for more and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter service.

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